SteelSeries Rival 310 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Review | Best Budget Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

steelseries rival 310

SteelSeries Rival 310 Review | Steelseries is the popular name in the field of gaming peripherals and accessories. So in this article we are going to discuss about the steelseries one of the best ergonomic mouse which is steelseries rival 310. It is an ergonomic mouse which comes in an budget.So lets talk about the specifications about this gaming mouse.


Steelseries rival 310 comes with the optical type sensor. It has the CPI (count per inch) ranging from 100-12000 in 100 CPI increments. The IPS is 350+. The sensors acceleration is of 50G. The hardware acceleration is not available.

The sensors in this mouse is simply great and you wont have any kind of complain with this mouse as this mouse sensor is specially made for gaming.


steelseries rival 310

The mouse is made up of (Core parts) fiber reinforced plastic which is fingerprint resist and and the the surface is semi rough with matte finish. The shape of the mouse is ergonomic which is made for right handed person. The grip style is palm or claw. You get 6 buttons among which three can be programmed through the steelseries software which is named as ”SteelSeries engine” whose details is mentioned in the software heading below.

The weight of steelseries rival 310 mouse is 88.3 gram which is about 3.1 ounce and the length of the mouse is 127.6 mm which is about 5 inches. The height of this mouse is 41.98mm. The width of the mouse is 57.2mm which is front . 61mm width in the middle and 70.1 mm in back.

So this was everything about the design of this mouse.


Talking about the system requirements for the mouse. You can use it in windows with the OS version 7 or later and for MAC OS version 10.8 or later. You can use this mouse with XBOX also the only thing you will need is an USB port.


Steelseries rival 310 software can be downloaded from the official website of steelseries of you can simply search “Steelseries rival 310 software”. For the installation of the software after you download the software from the steelseries official website double click the setup and click on next next and the software will be installed in your system.

The Name of the software is Steelseries Engine. From this software you not only will be able to configure this mouse but also you will be able to configure every device that you own of steelseries.

This mouse also support the Prismsync means you can sync the Lightning through this software which means you can have similar color lightning and the effect with all your device at the same time.


The things that you get on the box is product guide or information and the mouse.

steelseries rival 310

The mouse has the RGB light on the logo and on the edges of the scroll button. This is the world’s first true 1 to 1 esports sensors which means the you have 1 to 1 tracking for low latency and pinpoint accuracy. The Split trigger buttons are great and steelseries says that it can handle over 50 million click. You will get the maximum comfort while using the mouse.

The side grips of this mouse are made up of silicon side grips which last for lifetime without damage according to the company. The mouse is constructed with fiber-reinforced plastics which makes it stronger.

Steelseries Rival 310 Price

The price of steelseries rival 310 is $70 in the official website and different in the amazon and other online stores. The price is great with the quality , features and the comfort that you get with this mouse.

Price $70

So this was everything in short about the steelseries rival 310. We have discussed everything about his mouse here and in short with complete information.




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