Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor | Best Monitor In the Market ?


Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 | Samsung one of the most popular named in the electronics market. They produce every kind of electronics item from mobile phone to laptops. They produce great quality gaming monitor too. So among them in this article we are going to discuss about the Samsung new curved gaming monitor which is Samsung odyssey Neo G9.


1) Resolution

Resolution is one of the most important factor in the gaming monitor. You get 3 different type of resolution in the gaming monitor which are 1080p,1440p and 2160p. The higher resolution is means you will have less you will have more pixels in the screen and higher pixels means great quality and more clarity.

2) Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the main thing in the gaming monitor. If you are buying and gaming monitor mainly for gaming purpose then the refresh rate is the most important thing , since here we are taking about the 144hz monitor the refresh rate of the monitors mentioned below is great one.

3) Screen-Size

Screen size also matters in the gaming monitors. If you have greater size monitor then the gaming feel you will have is certainly great greater screen area will make you see greater in game area and then with the great refresh rate your gaming will be awesome.

4) Response Time

Pixels response time means how much time will that pixels take time to switch from white to black. It is an important factor while choosing your gaming monitor. Greater response time means it will take much time for the game to response and change its color. So less the response time best is the monitor.

So this were some important factor that you should consider in buying a gaming monitor. These are not only the factor you should check other factors also like panel technology, adaptive sync and connectors.

So now lets begin with the article.



Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 has the 49 inch screen size with the 1000R screen curvature.It is an curved gaming monitor.This monitor has the resolution of 5,120 X 1,440 and the aspect ratio of 32:9.The viewing angle of this monitor if 178 degree horizontal and 178 degree vertical. It supports high dynamic range and HDR10+.

This monitor dimension is 49.8 X 14.4 X 18.9 in. This monitor weighs around 45 Lbs with all package and the monitor with stand weighs around 32 lbs, without stand this monitor weighs around 26.2 lbs.

Talking about the brightness of this monitor it has the typical type brightness of 420cd/m^2 and has the static contrast ratio (meaning the difference in light intensity between brightest color i.e white and the darkest color i.e black, here if the ratio is higher the higher is the contrast.)of 1,000,000:1.This monitor has the Mega DCR dynamic contrast ratio (meaning difference in luminosity between brightest color and darkest color. ).

Samsung Odyssey is an 240 Hz gaming monitor with VA panel type. It has the sRGB Coverage of 125%, adobe RGB Coverage if 92%. The color support (which means the number of color that a LCD monitor is capable of displaying ) of Max 1.07B. The color Gamut percent is of 88%. This monitor has the peak brightness of 200 and the minimum brightness of 300.

The Best thing about this monitor is that it has the response time of just 1(G.T.G). This monitor has the VA type Panel.

Now lets talk about he power connection of this monitor. The power type is of internal power and the power supply type is AC which ranges from 100 to 240V. The power cable length is 1.5 meter.


Talking about the main and best features that you get with Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 are mentioned below in points.

  1. This is an windows certified gaming monitor.
  2. You get a Picture in Picture mode with this monitor.
  3. This monitor has Eye saver mode , and Freesync also supported which is Freesync Premium Pro.
  4. It is an Flicker Free Monitor.
  5. You also get off timer plus.
  6. You get screen size optimizer.
  7. Samsung Odyssey Neo C9 has is G-Sync Compatible.

You get only black color as the option.


The ports that you get with this monitor is 1 EA display port of version 1.4 , 1 headphone jack, 2 EA HDMI whose version is 2.1. You get 2 USB Ports whose version is 3.0. So these were the ports that is given with this monitor.

Price Of Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Monitor

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is definitely awesome gaming monitor which has exciting features and worth the price. The price of this monitor is $2,499.99. Although the price is more but features and the hardware that you get with this monitor is certainly worth the price.

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So this was everything in short about the Samsung odyssey Neo G9 an 49 inch huge monitor which is good not only for gaming but for editing and any kind of computer related work.


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