Razer Viper Vs Deathadder V2 | Which is Best ?

razer viper vs deathadder v2

Razer Viper Vs Deathadder V2 | Razer is considered as one of the most popular brand in the gaming world. The quality and performance their device offer is simply great so in this article we are going to discuss about two best gaming mouse from the razer which are Razer Viper VS Deathadder V2. We will be comparing everything from dimensions to the performance.

So lets first begin with the Dimensions.


Razer Viper has the length of 126.73mm has the grip width of 57.6 mm and the height of 37.81 mm. So looking at the dimensions of the Razer Viper it is quite a good sized mouse good for small and big hand sized people.

In the other hand Razer Deathadder V2 has the length of 127 mm, has the grip width of 61.7 mm and the height of deathadder is 42.733.

Comparing the dimensions of razer viper vs deathadder v2 here the deathadder v2 has quite a big size, as the length is nearly equal, the grip width is almost 4-5 mm bigger and the height is also 4-5 mm bigger.


Now lets talk about the weight of this mouses, here the razer viper weighs around 0.15 lbs which is 69 gram. Which is quite light and the razer deathadder weighs around 0.82lbs which on gram becomes 82 grams.

So the weight of the razer deathadder is heavier than the weight of razer viper.


Razer Viper has the form factor which is True-Ambidextrous which is made for both hand left and right, where as razer deathadder V2 has the form factor which is only for right hand which is the disadvantage in razer deathadder v2.


Talking about the connectivity of both the mouses , razer viper and razer deathadder v2 both are wired mouse and are provided with Razer’s Speedflex Cable.


Here both the mouses have same configuration that is the sensor on both the mouse i.e razer viper vs razer deathadder v2 has optical sensor and talking about the RGB lighting they both have Razer Chroma RGB which can be configured through the Razer Software.


Now lets come to the sensitivity of these mouses the sensitivity of the mouses are great, Razer Viper has the DPI of 16000 which is maximum and the maximum DPI of razer deathadder V2 is 20000.

So their big difference in DPI between this mouse the Razer deathadder V2 has clearly 4000 more DPI than the Razer viper.

Razer Viper Vs Deathadder V2 SPEED

Speed is one of the important factor in the gaming mouse, the speed in both the mouses are excellent, so the Razer Viper has the max speed of 450 and Razer deathadder has the max speed of 650.

Although the speed in both are great but the razer deathadder has 200 more speed than the razer viper.

Razer Viper Vs Deathadder V2 CLICK HANDLING

Here Razer deathadder V2 and Razer Viper can handle 70 million clicks which is insane. Which means the mouse is durable and last longer.


Here Razer deathadder V2 has 5 on board memory profiles, where as the razer viper has only one, which is the disadvantage of razer viper.


Comparing other features about this mouses, Razer Viper and Razer deathadder v2 ahd the mouse feet of 100% which is PTFE mouse feet.On both mouse you get 8 programmable buttons which can be customized through the Razer software.Both mouses has the max acceleration of 50. You don’t get tilt scroll wheel in both the mouses and dock compatibility is not provided in both the mouse.


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Razer Viper Vs Deathadder V2 PRICE COMPARISION

Talking about the price of Razer Viper it costs $79.99 which is good with the specifications and the features whereas the Razer Deathadder V2 will cost you around $69.99 which is $10 less than the price of razer viper.


So this was everything on the Razer Viper Vs Deathadder V2 what do you think about these two mouses. Both mouses are great in the price that they comes in. We have discussed everything here weight , DPI , click handling, Speed and Dimesnions.


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