Pixio PXC243 Gaming Monitor | Cheap and Best Gaming Monitor?

Pixio PXC243

Pixio PXC243 | Pixio is the brand that make the gaming monitor that comes under the budget. It makes good quality gaming monitors. So in this article we are going to discuss about the pixio’s another gaming monitor which is Pixio PXC243. So before that there are some things that will help you choose the best gaming monitor out there in the market or you can call this a buyer’s guide.


1) Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is one of the most important factor that you should consider before buying a gaming monitor. If you are going for the gaming monitor category then you must go for at least of 120 Hz gaming monitor which will make you feel the gaming more smoother and better.

2) Panel

Panel is another thing that you should check. There are two types of panel that you get in the monitor one is IPS panel and VGA panel. You should check that before buying. VGA panel are not available in the monitors that are available in the market.

3) Screen Size

This is another important factor that you should think of before purchasing the gaming monitor. It is better to go for at least 24 inch for gaming category which will make you playing more efficient.

4) Color Accuracy

If you are a person who work specially in the color correction thing then color accuracy is the must thing you should check.

So these were some factors you should consider before purchasing the gaming monitor. So let’s finally get into the specifications of Pixio PXC243.



This monitor from pixio has the screen size of 24 inch with the curved display. The resolution of the display is 1920 X 1080p and it is an Full HD display.The bezels in this monitor is almost zero or you can call this monitor a bezel less monitor.

Looking at this this configuration of the display it is quite good considering the price it comes in.


The Panel technology that you get in this monitor is VA technology where VA stands for vertical alignment and the viewing angle of this monitor is 178 degrees and the screen is anti glare screen.

Now lets talk about the refresh rate of this monitor. This monitor has the refresh rate of 144 Hz and supports the Freesync technology and the good thing is that it supports the G-Sync / Pixio PXC243 is G-SYNC compatible. The monitor is flicker free and has the low blue light.


The ports that you get in this monitor are you get 1 Display port which supports 144 HZ. You get 1 HDMI port which supports upto 120 H and a DVI port which only supports 60 HZ. You also get 1 Audio Output port.

So these were the ports that you get with this monitor.


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Talking about the compatibility of this monitor it is compatible with console and PC platforms. You can easily use it with Play station and XBOX consoles. Which is one of the advantage of this monitor.

In the box you get a Display Port cable , Power adapter and a Monitor stand.


  • The first advantage of this monitor is that it is an 1800R curved monitor.
  • This monitor is considered as the bezel less monitor.
  • The viewing angle is great and the screen is anti glare.
  • It is Free sync and G-sync compatible.
  • 1 audio output port is provided with the monitor.


  • Only 1 display port and 1 HDMI port.


Now let’s come to the important part of this article the price of this gaming monitor which is Pixio PXC243. This monitor costs $159.99 in the official website of the pixio and the price is different in the other sites like amazon, best buy and other.


So this was everything in short but the complete detail about the PIXIO PXC243 .This is an value for money gaming monitor. If we compare to other 24 inch gaming monitor that are available out there in the market it is quite good as the features that you get with this monitor and other monitors are almost same. So you can definitely go with this monitor if you are budget tight.


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