Logitech k480 keyboard Review | Best Multi Device Wireless Keyboard

Logitech k480 keyboard

Logitech k480 keyboard | Logitech is one of the best brand in the field of the computer peripherals. The product quality that we get with it is great and the consumers are happy to use the Logitech product.So among the great product today we are going to talk about the Logitech k480 Keyboard.

Logitech k480 Keyboard is an multi device keyboard and a budget one. It is compatible in all the devices i.e you can connect it to your desktop, laptop, your mobile phone and the tablet.

This keyboard has circular keys. It is comfortable and then typing speed will surely be increased if you are used to working in it. Since this is an wireless keyboard you will not have to charge this device instead you will get 2 AAA battery preinstalled this battery can get you run this keyboard for up to 24 months according to the company. The long battery life helps you get you longer worker without any tension. It is highly durable .

The most important and interesting thing about this keyboard is that you can pair up to 3 device device and can transfer between them seamlessly without any lag. This keyboard is comfortable to use and you can easily get use to it within few days of time.The keys are nearer which means you will not have to stretch your arm and you can have a better body posture while typing.

The typing experience that you get with logitech k480 keyboard is simply great and the comfortability you can get with this will certainly make you always buy this same model after you break one simply i mean you will fall in love with this keyboard.

The keyboard is lightweight and portable which you can carry anywhere and get started with it. You get a software from logitech which will help you customize the button or touching pad and the software is easy to understand.

The weight of this keyboard is 820 gram. The height of the keyboard is 195mm and the width of the keyboard is 299 mm.The key can go up to 5 million keystrokes.

Now lets talk about the price of the logitech k480 Keyboard which is $34.99 which is great with the budget you will get an outstanding keyboard with outstanding features.

Now lets talk about the color option you get two different color option Black and white.

System Requirements

For desktop and the laptop is windows 10 and later. For MACOs 10.14 or later. And if you are using ipad then IOS version 13.1 or later,for iPhone IOS 11 or later and android 7 or later for android powered devices.

The internet connection is optional the internet connection is required just for downloading the Logitech software which will be required for buttons customization.


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