Corsair k55 PRO RGB Gaming Keyboard | Perfect Gaming Keyboard ?

Corsair k55 PRO

Corsair k55 PRO RGB Gaming Keyboard | Corsair is an successful brand in the gaming field. They provide wide range of gaming products gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, specially they are known for the gaming peripherals.  So in this   article we are going to discuss about the corsair’s gaming keyboard which is corsair k55 Pro RGB .


Keyboard is one of the most important part of your computer. So you should be good in picking up the keyboard for you PC or laptop which will suit you the best. So below are the things that you should consider before buying an gaming keyboard or mechanical keyboard.

You actually have two types of keyboard in the market the mechanical and then the membrane keyboard. The difference between these two keyboard is mentioned below.


Mechanical keyboard are more tactile,responsive, accurate and more expensive. They are also available in two different type which makes sound and which doesn’t make sound.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboard are more quieter. They have spongy feel and cost less then that of mechanical keyboard.

1) Response time

The response time of the keyboard should be great. The less the response time the better is the keyboard. So the first and for most thing is checking out the response time of the keyboard. Response time means how much time will it take to pass the information to the CPU and then display it to the monitor.

2) Latency

Latency of the keyboard should be less. The less is the latency better is the response of the keyboard.The wired keyboard has the low latency rate but the wireless keyboard are also working to get that low latency. So this is the another important factor you should check before you buy a keyboard.

3)Size of the keyboard

You get two different size of keyboard. Full size and the half size. The full size will have the number pad and the buttons on the right side where as they are absent in the half size keyboard. It depends on you which type of keyboard you want and will you be comfortable with the absent of the number pad and the numbers button on the side.

So these were some important factors you should consider before buying an mechanical or any other keyboard.So now lets begin.


Corsair K55 RGB PRO is an great looking gaming keyboard.It is an full sized keyboard which means you get numpad on the side.This keyboard weighs around 0.8kg. The height is adjustable according to you.

Corsair K55 RGB PRO keyboard has 6 macro keys and the key switches are called rubber dome. It has total of 110 keys on the board and. This is an wired gaming keyboard.The keyboard cable is fixed. Corsair says that the cable is tangle free rubber. The USB type of the cable is Type A with USB 2.0.

You get 6 Macro keys 1 dedicated win lock key, you also get a dedicated hotkeys for media control. On this keyboard you get a detachable , soft touch palm rest. The keyboard rollover are 12 key selective with Anti ghosting.Corsair K55 PRO has On Board memory.

Corsair k55 PRO

The RGB of this keyboard can be customized through the corsair software which can be downloaded from the link here. You get to customize the six on board lightning effect, and the lighting zone be assign its own color and the great thing about the keyboard is that you can create or design your own vibrant color through the CORSAIR iCUE software.


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Now lets talk about the advantages of this keyboard.

  1. You get quite and responsive keys , the keys you get are comfortable for typing and is responsive while you are gaming.
  2. You get a soft rubber detachable palm rest which makes you comfortable while using this keyboard.
  3. Dedicated windows keys,volume keys and media keys so that you can change your volume and media setting easily through one click without affecting your gaming.
  4. Corsair k55 Pro keyboard gives you 2 year warranty.

Corsair k55 PRO RGB PRICE

Talking about the price of Corsair K55 PRO RGB it will cost you $49.99 if you order it through the official website of corsair and price might be up or down if you buy from any other website like amazon, best buy and other shopping site.


So this was everything in short about corsair k55 pro RGB. This is an great keyboard in the price that it comes in. The features provided are also great.


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