Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headphone Review

asus strix 7.1

Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headphone Review | Asus is considered as the best among the best brand in the gaming market world wide. They make gaming laptops,gaming mouse, gaming monitors, gaming peripherals like Graphics cards etc. So in this article we are going to discuss about the asus’s awesome gaming headphone Asus Strix 7.1.

Asus Strix 7.1 is an gaming headphone which not only has great sound but also look. So lets first talk about the specifications of this heaphone. It is an wired gaming headphone which is specially made for gamers and for gaming. The headphone is only supported by the PC it cannot be used with other consoles like PS5, XBOX and other consoles.

The Material of this headphone is Neodymium magnet. The size of the different materials present inside this headphone is mentioned below.

The Front is 40 mm, The sub woofer is of 40 mm.

The Impedance of this headphone is 30 ohm. This frequency response of this headphone ranges from 20- 20000 Hz. The pickup pattern of this microphone is Unidirectional. The sensitivity of the microphone is -40 db. The frequency response of the microphone present in this headphone ranges from 50 to 16000 Hz.

The disadvantage of this headphone is that the AI noise cancellation is not provided in this headhone and also the active noise cancellation is absent. As we all that the Asus RGB system is great. The lights are provided in this headphone but the AURA Sync is not supported by this headphone.

Yes this headphones can be folded which means you can carry it any where by folding it which makes it travel friendly. The weight of this headphone is around 86 grams and it is only available in black color. The extra -ear- cushion is not provided with this headphone.

The ear chusion that you get with this asus strix 7.1 is of 110 millimeter protein leather cushions the material is great and will not provide you any kind of pain in your ears while playing game or using it for any kind of work for longer duration of time. So ear pain will not be feel by you. The shape of the cushions are cups are hexagonal.

The cable that you get with this headphone is fibre cable which is Braided and the cable of the head set is 1.5m and the USB cable is 1.5 meter so the length of the cable is 3 meter .

The Accessories that you get with this headphone is that you get a detachable microphone an USB cable and USB audio station and HDMI to 3.5mm speaker splitter cable . The quick start guide is also given.


  1. It has 7.1 True Surround Sound
  2. The Plug and Play USB audio station which means it will make you easier to while playing game to control the in game audio settings.
  3. You get two lightning effect with this headphone static and breathing.
  4. It has 90% environmental noise cancellation.


The price of this headphone is around 200 $ which is great with the features and content that you get with it.


So this was everything in short about the asus strix series gaming heaphone which is asus strix 7.1. They are actually good headphone according to me as i got to test it. The 7.1 true surround sound make you feel the music and the gaming experience that you get is awesome you will have a different vibe playing games with this headphone wearing. The sound station is the main thing in this headphone it makes you control the game sound easily .

Although the lightning effect are not much and also doesnot support Aura Sync but everything other is great about this headphone.


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