ASUS ROG Gladius III (3) Wireless Gaming Mouse | Best In the Wireless Category?

ROG Gladius III

ROG Gladius III | Asus an perfect and best brand in the computer components and peripherals. In this article we are going to discuss about the asus rog series wireless gaming mouse which is Asus ROG Gladius III. This is an great gaming mouse loved by many people and has got many postive reviews.

So lets begin with the article. ASUS ROG GLADIUS III Wireless gaming mouse.


There are some points that you should consider before you buy a gaming mouse. If you can consider this point it will certainly help you get a better mouse at the best price.

  1. The first thing you check if the mouse is optical or laser. The optical sensors are found in every mouse and they are affordable where as laser are less used and will cost you more.
  2. Second thing you should check is DPI which means dots per inch. This is an important factor you should check higher the DPI better is the mouse.
  3. Wired VS Wireless, this is an another important factor while choosing gaming mouse.But this thing totally depend on you if you like wire or not. They both have own advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Size and Weight is another factor you should check the size should be checked accordingly with you hand size and weight should be more , the more weight will get you more sensitivity but you should check size and weight as well.
  5. Programmable buttons, if you are getting an mouse for gaming specially the programmable buttons helps you make the gaming more efficiently.So you should check programmable buttons as well.

So these were some point which you can check before buying an gaming mouse in the affordable price so that you get an great mouse which certainly suits you.


ASUS ROG Gladius III is an wireless gaming mouse. This mouse has the dimension of 123 millimeter as its length, 68 millimeter as its width and has the height of 44 millimeter. It is an right handed shape gaming mouse. This mouse weighs around 89 grams.

Talking about the connectivity of this mouse. This mouse has the USB 2.0 and bluetooth and the RF of 2.4 GHz.According to the Asus official they have said that the USB report rate is 1000 Hz and the RF 2.4 Report rate is of 1000 Hz.

Now lets come the technical specs of this mouse. This mouse resolution is of 19,000 dpi with optical sensor. It can be turned upto 26,000 dpi. The Max Speed of this mouse is 400 IPS and the max acceleration is of 50G.


In this mouse you get 6 Programmable buttons scroll wheel ,1 profile button and 1 pair button. This mouse supports the AURA Sync and the cable is of 2 meter ROG Paracord. You must require windows 10 as your operating system.In order to program the buttons and change the RGB lighting you will require an software from Asus which is Armoury Crate.

So this was everything about the specs of this mouse which is Asus ROG Gladius III Wireless.


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Talking about the features that you get with this mouse are many which are mentioned below.

  1. You get a Triple mode connectivity which means you can connect through Wire with bluetooth and Wireless 2.4 GHz RF which is an main feature of this mouse.
  2. This mouse has the 19,000 which can be tuned to 26,000 dpi and has the IPS optical sensor if 400 ips and the polling rate of 1000 Hz.
  3. Customizable RGB and programmable buttons through Armoury crate software.
  4. Fast and easy bluetooth pairing.
  5. Near Zero latency and unrivaled precision.
  6. Great RGB lightning as the side.


Talking about the price of Rog Gladius III wireless. This mouse costs around $120. Which is the acceptable price for the feature loaded gaming mouse. The price is well managed and be accepted with the awesome features and the option you get.


  • Great Features Loaded Mouse
  • 6 programmable Button
  • Comfortable and great shape mouse
  • High DPI and can be customized


  • Heavy mouse it weighs around 89g.
  • Little bit high price.
  • Features are loaded but not new features.


So this was everything about the Asus ROG Gladius III wireless gaming mouse. So,this is certainly an good looking mouse. So if you are searching for the mouse under $150 the this might be the perfect match for the price point.


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