5 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical keyboard

5 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard | So you are searching for the budget mechanical keyboard which are best currently in the market. So in this article we have discussed about the best budget mechanical keyboard which comes under $50. Not only this we have discussed what things you should considered before buying an mechanical keyboard.


Keyboard is one of the most important part of your computer. So you should be good in picking up the keyboard for you PC or laptop which will suit you the best. So below are the things that you should consider before buying an gaming keyboard or mechanical keyboard.

You actually have two types of keyboard in the market the mechanical and then the membrane keyboard. The difference between these two keyboard is mentioned below.


Mechanical keyboard are more tactile,responsive, accurate and more expensive. They are also available in two different type which makes sound and which doesn’t make sound.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboard are more quieter. They have spongy feel and cost less then that of mechanical keyboard.

1) Response time

The response time of the keyboard should be great. The less the response time the better is the keyboard. So the first and for most thing is checking out the response time of the keyboard. Response time means how much time will it take to pass the information to the CPU and then display it to the monitor.

2) Latency

Latency of the keyboard should be less. The less is the latency better is the response of the keyboard.The wired keyboard has the low latency rate but the wireless keyboard are also working to get that low latency. So this is the another important factor you should check before you buy a keyboard.

3)Size of the keyboard

You get two different size of keyboard. Full size and the half size. The full size will have the number pad and the buttons on the right side where as they are absent in the half size keyboard. It depends on you which type of keyboard you want and will you be comfortable with the absent of the number pad and the numbers button on the side.

So these were some important factors you should consider before buying an mechanical or any other keyboard.So now lets begin with the list.

1) Ractous RTK63

mechanical keyboard

It is an 60% mechanical gaming keyboard.RTK63 is an wired keyboard with the Type C. Below are the specification and features of this keyboard.

It is an half size gaming keyboard. You get 13 modes of RBG back light and 8 kind of monochrome back light modes. It can handle up to 50 million clicks. The response time of this keyboard is 0.2 millisecond.This keyboard weighs around 1.75 pounds. The

The price of Ractous RTK63 is $40.

2) Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

mechanical keyboard

This mechanical keyboard is an 89 keys RBG gaming keyboard. It is wired and has the backlit mechanism. It has 14 various kinds of back-light modes and 11 kinds of surrounding light mode. The light changing speed and the brightness of this keyboard can be customized as per your needs.

This keyboard has the number pad on the side which makes it compact keyboard.It is portable to use. You get Blue-switch with it and it has anti-ghosting.

Talking about the price of this keyboard it cost $40.

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3)Reddragon K552

mechanical keyboard

This is an another great mechanical gaming keyboard. It is wired and has Red switches. It doesn’t have the number pad on the side.This keyboard has 87 keys and has the Rainbow LED RGB backlit. The RBG has 19 different lightning effects and the brightness can be adjusted as required.It has anit-ghosting. This keyboard has 12 multimedia keys .

Talking about the price of this keyboard it cost around $35 and sometime the price drops. It is available in two different color white which cost $40.

4) Tecware Phantom

mechanical keyboard

Tecware phantom is 87 key mechanical keyboard with Outemu brown switch. You get RGB Back-lighting keyboard with 18 set configuration. You can also create unique one to go with you gaming setup. This keyboard has great response rate and has low latency. It has over 78% 5 star rating on amazon.

Talking about the price of this tecware phantom gaming keyboard it costs around $45.99 which keeps on going up and down.

5) Corsair K55

mechanical keyboard

Corsair is one of the popular name in the gaming field. With Corsair k55 RGB keyboard you get three zone RGB back lightning which can be customized with colors on board with different lightning modes.This keyboard is Dust and spill resistant.It is an wired keyboard and compatible with PC.You get 6 programmable macro keys and dedicated media keys.

With this keyboard you get a detachable palm rest. Talking about the price of Corsair k55 gaming keyboard it cost $39.29 in the amazon.


So these were some best budget gaming keyboard which comes under the budget of $50. You can check the products details from the amazon page where is written completely.


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